lunes, 4 de octubre de 2021

Magali´s Dream, Amazon


Ahora ya podéis disfrutar de la versión de "El sueño de Magalí" en inglés en Amazon: "Magali´s Dream".

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Far beyond the mystery of its large migration, the flutter of the fantastic Monarch butterfly will surprise readers with an incredible and emotional story, full of adventures and challenges in which Magali develops her self-esteem. While living for a time in Canada as a caterpillar, Magali suffers bullying from a blue jay named Sambal because she doesn't have wings. Worried and feeling helpless, Magali will soon discover her potential when she emerges as a butterfly with her new wings. 



This metamorphosis allows Magali to fulfill her dreams and discover a new world when she and other butterflies journey to Mexico. Her arrival in the forest of pine trees of Michoacan makes her very happy and she meets Juliette, a little girl that will provide Magali with confidence and courage. Sambal experiences a metamorphosis throughout the story. He will feel remorse for not being nice to her and will finally appreciate her courage, humility and character.  He is nevertheless pleased that she ultimately decided her own path to happiness. 


The conclusion of the story not only shows the renewal life cycle of this avid pollinator of flowers, but also reveals an emotional message. The young reader will be able to appreciate the response to bullying, as these topics are best addressed at an early age. 



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